How it works for retailers

We’re bringing the trade show to you!

Brand contact and ordering info goes astray. Vendor correspondence becomes unmanageable. And there just isn’t enough time to sort through all of the clutter. If this sounds familiar, read on! Kind Eye for Business will help you…


  • Take control of your inbox. Contact brands on Kind Eye for Business on your terms– no more unsolicited sales emails!
  • Get granular. Quickly find brands based on your customers’ needs. Filter searches by vegan, gluten free, unscented and so many more.
  • Get wholesale information quickly. No more back and forth, get up front information and connect directly with brands.
  • Stay up to date with the latest information directly from the brand. Get updates and download a spreadsheet of all product information.
  • And the best part- using Kind Eye for Business is completely FREE! There is ZERO cost to sign up.


Apply to be a member of the Kind Eye for Business community

  • Sign up
  • Get approved
  • Access your dashboard, filled with your updates and featured products

Create a Retailer Profile

Only once you connect with brands through Kind Eye for Business, they’ll be able to see your profile. This will help them learn a bit more about you!



Welcome to the anytime trade show for eco-friendly products!

  • Search and browse brands and products when it’s convenient for you
  • Find a product you like, but not ready to commit? Favorite them and go back to them from your dashboard whenever you like
  • Learn about the brands’ wholesale information directly on the site, including payment terms, product availability and wholesale pricing
  • Message brands directly from the website to connect with them
  • Provide anonymous feedback to brands

Follow brands you already work with

  • Opt in to get a daily email when a brand you follow updates any information their listing (ingredients, images, descriptions, prices)
  • Opt in to get a daily email when a brand adds a new product
  • Find information on all of your brands at your dashboard when you log in



Download a spreadsheet of all brand product information

Get the latest product information downloaded in a convenient format for your online store or backend management tools

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