Why Kind Eye for Business

time-2In my talks with many of the brands and retailers that can be found on Kind Eye, a common theme emerged: Brands and retailers spend a lot of resources trying to find the right partnership for their business.

Retailers are bombarded with products from brands such that it’s a challenge to sort through them, and at the same time, they are looking to fill a particular hole in the product lines they carry. They end up scouring the internet, stumbling upon brands via social media, looking at competitor websites, and then reaching out via email through contact information available on the brand’s website, only to find out that brands may have certain requirements they are unable to meet or other limitations that wouldn’t make them a good fit.

On the flipside, brands offer full-size products to buyers via trade shows, as well as send them to stores directly, hoping that they will carry them. They may hire brokers or distributors who take a percentage of the sales, sometimes on top of a flat fee. That can be wasteful from an environmental standpoint (many of the products given as samples aren’t used) as well as from a financial one (the brand is hoping to get a return on their investment when, in truth, they are competing blindly against others, unsure of what buyers’ needs really are).

Kind Eye for Business solves these problems with an affordable and indispensable platform for the brand and retailer to more efficiently find each other. Acting as an always-on trade show, brands can create and manage their listing including all of their products, which retailers can then search through via detailed filters that meet their customers’ needs.

happy-store-ownersWhy Socially Responsible Independent Brands?

While there are other wholesale B2B tools that help retailers find products to sell, none focus on the brand’s ethics. Consumers are becoming more savvy about their purchasing decisions. They want to identify with a brand in a meaningful way and one of the quickest ways to do that is by purchasing products from a brand that cares about more than the financial bottom line. By bringing together socially responsible independent brands and buyers to help their back-end processes become more efficient, Kind Eye for Business enables retailers to spend more time focusing on capturing the attention of their target customers.