We believe…

In transparency

In order to be listed on any of our websites, we require brands to list their full ingredient list for every product they offer. And transparency goes beyond ingredients. We appreciate brands and retailers that go the extra mile by providing information about the owners. Stories reveal passion and a sense of knowing who the company is beyond the marketing speak and pretty packaging. We are happy to share our stories with you and we encourage you to do the same. They build deeper relationships!

Rising tides lift all boats

It’s impossible to go it alone. We’ve been around long enough to know this to be true. Socially conscious businesses have a unique opportunity to harness the desire within ourselves that lean toward building a community of changemakers. By working together we can achieve so much more. Making connections, reaching out, helping when it’s easy and sometimes even when it’s hard — that’s the new way of doing business and we’re so grateful to see the change.

Business is about more than money

We are a community of like-minded humans who are looking to build sustainable businesses that support our community and our environment as well as ourselves. By creating a culture of conscious consumerism, not only can we support the business community, but we’re supporting the very customers that are taking the time to learn about us. People. Planet. Profit. This is why we’re proud to be a Benefit Corporation.

Kindness is queen

Kind Eye for Business was born out of Kind Eye, a website dedicated to taking a kind view of consumerism. Helping people connect with brands that are working hard to make a difference. We’ve taken that ethos and infused it into Kind Eye for Business. We will always be this way, for it’s the core of who we are.