Giving Back

nonprofit-love-promoKind Eye for Business is a product of Kind Eye, which is proud to be a Benefit Corporation. We are firm believers in the triple bottom line – People, Planet & Profit. The heart and soul of what we do is to help further the cause of bringing safer products onto shelves and into consumers’ hands. We are also passionate about the incredible work that many nonprofits are doing to spread the love. While Kind Eye for Business is in its nascent stage, we still believe that giving back a portion of our proceeds is vital. We will be giving to various nonprofits, but we’re starting with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which is a project of the Breast Cancer Fund.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has been active since 2004, spreading awareness of potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics, products most of us use every day. They report on the safety of cosmetics and what the personal care industry is doing to address it. Check out their Chemicals of Concern and Retailer Therapy Report for more insight into what goes into our everyday products and which retailers are trustworthy. The campaign is a project of the Breast Cancer Fund, which creates campaigns that share the science of breast cancer and environmental exposures.The Breast Cancer Fund is supported by a variety of notable nonprofits with similar missions. Together, these organization have released reports on chemical safety and actively seek to work with cosmetics companies large and small to ensure the use of nontoxic ingredients.