Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Kind Eye for Business?

Kind Eye for Business is a platform where sustainable brands and retailers meet and make wholesale deals that matter. We vet socially responsible, safe, non-toxic brands that meet high standards and make it easier for retailers to find the ones that match with their needs. We’re transforming the way modern, sustainable brands and retailers do business.

How are you connected to Kind Eye?

The Kind Eye website was launched in late 2014 as a consumer website, helping connect conscious consumers with sustainable personal care brands and where to buy them. After several conversations with brands & retailers, we learned that finding wholesale partners is a challenge both for retailers and brands. Kind Eye for Business is the B2B site, connecting retailers and brands, in similar ways that Kind Eye connects consumers and brands, but with information specific to wholesale and providing some more insights as well.

What makes Kind Eye for Business different?

While other wholesale discovery sites are popping up, none are specifically dedicated to supporting and promoting sustainable brands by having a set of standards each brand must meet. We’re starting with personal care and beauty, which also separates us from the other sites out there. We are building a custom platform uniquely designed to meet the needs of this particular industry.

Which brands are currently in Kind Eye for Business?

We intentionally seek out a wide range of brands, some are more budget conscious, others high end. Some are spa/salon specific, others you can find in a natural foods store. Brands in Kind Eye for Business currently include Indie Lee, Badger Balm, S.W. Basics, Briogeo and more!

Which retailers are currently in Kind Eye for Business?

We are thrilled to include retailers that, like brands, are wide-ranging. They include large retailers in the sustainable living space such as Pharmaca and smaller sustainable boutiques such as Follain. Other incredible online retailers include Integrity Botanicals and The Choosy Chick.

How do you find brands and retailers?

Research! Endless amounts of research. Our goal is to do the research so you don’t have to.

Do you support international companies?

We do!

Brand Questions

Can other brands see my profile & listings?

No, right now only retailers can see your information. This provides anonymity for you! If you’re interested in being featured beyond a retailer audience, we’d love to do that! Please get in touch with us so we can make that happen.

Can buyers see my profile & listings?

Yes, absolutely! Buyers will see your brand and product listings by performing a filtered search, as well as being featured if you are on our annual plan. They’ll be able to connect with you directly through the website by using the messaging feature directly within the site.

Can I reach out to buyers on the site?

Unfortunately, while we’d love that (yay communication!), we know retailers would never sign up for a website that provided an unfiltered avenue for even highly qualified brands to reach out them directly. You will, however, be able to see the retailers in Kind Eye for Business and get access to some of their information. You’ll only be able to connect with them through Kind Eye for Business once they’ve reached out to you first.

Will I get any information on who's looking at my listings?

Yes! We’re currently offering the ability to see who is following you and which products are being favorited. We’re releasing product and brand pageviews soon and we’ll be adding more features along the way.

Are there any requirements for me to join?

Yes! Because we are specifically focused on creating a curated space for retailers to find sustainable independent brands, we have a list of standards that we require any brand to adhere to in order to be included in Kind Eye for Business.

What is the cost to join?

So glad you asked! We have two options, a monthly plan and an annual plan. You can see the costs and features associated with each on our Features & Pricing page.

Why is the annual plan cheaper and with more bells & whistles?

We know it can take a while to find and connect with the right retail partner. Retailers have different buying needs throughout the year, so if you sign up for one month, you might miss out on that next great opportunity from a buyer who’s just not quite ready yet. Also, as an annual subscriber, because you’re investing in us, we want to invest in you, by providing you with some additional benefits that will help you be more visible both to retailers and to consumers. You can learn more about feature differences on our Features & Pricing page.

Can I get a refund if I don't make a sale?

Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds. Much like and attending a trade show, we can only provide the platform but we cannot guarantee a sale. If you are unsatisfied, though, please tell us, we are always working on ways to improve the platform.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime from the My Account page and you won’t be billed again. You will still have access to the site and your listings for the remainder of the time you paid for and once that date hits your account will still exist but we’ll hide your listings from view. If you choose to renew at a later date we can reactivate your listings for you. It will work this way for either the monthly or the annual.

Can you please add in X feature?

Maybe! Please tell us if you wish there were something here that isn’t already. We’re building this platform for you and your colleagues, so if it isn’t working for you, it’s likely not working for others and we want this to be both an awesome and useful experience. So tell us, we’d love to hear it!

Retailer Questions

Is Kind Eye for Business for me?

We see that there are two types of retailers that sign up for Kind Eye for Business.
One type of retailer we see are those whose customers are asking for products made by companies with a conscience, but they are overwhelmed with options and aren’t sure if these products are truly sustainable or if they just appear to be. We can be that front line for those retailers by offering a curated selection and information without having to hunt all over the place. Those who are already in the know about sustainable products and may carry many of the brands listed on Kind Eye and Kind Eye for Business are also a great fit. If this is you, we offer two very cool features:

The ability for retailers to stay up to date with brands they already carry by following them on Kind Eye for Business & the ability to download product information in a spreadsheet for easier use of the data.

It is simply astonishing how many new and incredible brands are actually launching in this space and we’re seeing a lot of them having trouble cutting through the noise because of other brands that don’t live up to the standards might be better at marketing. We want you to find those brands without having to search through Instagram or go on crazy Google searches.

I already have a lot of brands, why would I sign up for Kind Eye for Business?

That’s great! And maybe we have them already on Kind Eye for Business and if so, you can keep up to date with those brands’ changes. You’ll get an email once a day for any brand that you decide to Follow online. If they’ve made a change to pricing, to a product description, to an image, you’ll know and you’ll be better informed. Also, it’s completely 100% free, so there’s no financial risk AT ALL.

I love discovering new brands on my own, why would I have you do it for me?

That’s great and we get it! We do too (of course :)). But the question then becomes, how much is your time worth? Does it make sense to spend time researching new brands and products, or on something else? Because it’s completely free, you can use it whenever you want with no financial risk… AT ALL.

Will brands be able to contact me directly?

Not until you’ve reached out to them first. We know you get bombarded with tons of requests and we want to be a filter for you, not an increase in the noise!

Do you offer any support to retailers if they already have a relationship with a brand in Kind Eye for Business?

We do, and we’ll be adding more too! For now, we offer you the ability to follow a brand so if you need to know when they’re updating information about a product or adding a new one, you’ll be alerted once a day. You can turn this feature on and off for any brand with a click of your mouse. You can also download a spreadsheet and we’ll be releasing the ability to download a linesheet automatically as well. We’re working on wholesale e-commerce options too (shhh!) so stay tuned, you’ll be able to buy from your brands in just one place.

Are there any requirements for retailers to sign up?

Yes! You have to be an actual retail business. You can be online, brick & mortar or both, but you have to have a working website and a business ID.

Are you going to spam me?

Absolutely NOT! And we’ll never share your email address with anyone without your express permission. We will send you one email a week for the first three weeks as a way to welcome you into the system and get you all set up and comfy. After that we’ll send a monthly email letting you know about upgrades to Kind Eye for Business and any new brands we’d like to tell you about. That’s it. Once a month. No more!

What's the cost?

It’s completely and utterly FREE.

How do I get started?

Sign up here! Did we mention it’s free? Once your application has been approved (we’ll review it and get back to you within 24 hours, but probably less), you’ll be able to access all brands and products and start making fabulous connections and following your favorite brands.