About Kind Eye for Business

Kind Eye for Business is a platform where sustainable, indie brands and retailers meet and make wholesale deals that matter. We vet socially responsible, safe, non-toxic brands that meet high standards and make it easier for retailers to find the ones that match with their needs. We’re transforming the way modern, sustainable brands and retailers do business.

  • Make meaningful connections efficiently — without all the noise
  • Connect with the right partner to grow your business
  • Get the tools you need to streamline wholesale deals

Our Standards

All of the brands we list on this site meet the following specific standards:

Meet the Team

Rachel Murray, Co-Founder & CEO

Clare Parkinson, Co-Founder & CTO

Mia Bell, Advisor

Alison White, Advisor

rachel-murray-optRachel Murray has been a conscious consumer and builder of websites for over 15 years. Originally she planned to be an archivist, but after buying a book on HTML in 1998, she quickly found her calling. While making information available to historians was a wonderful path, she decided making information available to the world was even more exciting. Having worked at startups, media companies, nonprofits & the World Health Organization, Rachel has had experience working in a multitude of environments. In 2012, after a frustrating time trying to find a skincare product that both worked for her and wouldn’t kill her, she thought she could build a website that could help others. Her love of research and sharing information finally came together and Kind Eye was born.

After launching Kind Eye in 2014 and developing relationships with many brands and retailers, she learned that the way they find each other is cumbersome, outdated and expensive. She took on a new project, Kind Eye for Business, which could help act as a finely tuned always-on tradeshow for buyers and sellers, specifically dedicated to eco-friedly, mission focused brands. Rachel’s love of making useful information available and easy to find continues with Kind Eye for Business.

clare-parkinson-optClare has been building websites with database-driven content management since 1997. She is a third-generation geek, and enjoys helping information sort itself out and find its place on the web. She specializes in perl and PHP templates, XML feeds and imports, and in planning information architecture for built-in flexibility and extensibility. Prior to doing this, she was a content management consultant and developer for WHO, where she implemented and refined a large-scale open source content management system, integrated third-party data, and migrated content, all while writing sensible and thorough documentation.

mia-bell-optWith 12 years of experience in sales and experiential marketing, Mia brings with her a deep understanding of what it takes to thrive in the marketplace. Her natural curiosity for all aspects of business operations have also lead her to work in brand management, product development, and PR capacities; she even curated an award winning Spanish language eco beauty blog. The very first of its kind. It was through the blog that she was able to collaborate with many brilliant entrepreneurs and innovative indie brands. These direct interactions sparked her desire to help niche beauty & lifestyle companies become strong players in the industry. Today, MIA BELL BRANDS, helps indie makers navigate the retail space and increase their retail presence at the national level.

alison-white-optWith over 20 years in the luxury goods industry, Alison has spearheaded the immersion of brands into new markets throughout her entire career. Alison is the Founder of Cedar & LUX which imports and distributes quality prestige beauty brands within the USA. Prior to that Alison spent 7 years developing indie cosmetics brand butter LONDON internationally in 20 different countries. Her hands-on approach extends to every point of advancing a business. Alison is a passionate runner who loves to run trails near the water where she lives in Seattle, WA. She has a dog named JoJo, who joins her in the office every day.